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Isabelle & Sebastien
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Playgroups and Gyms

Hong Kong isn't short of extracurricular activities for toddlers and babies and half the time it's more about finding the right balance for them than finding a place for them. You can fill your baby's day 7 days a week if you wanted to, but over stimulation is really not a good thing either. When Isabelle was in her 1st year I found that 2 organised activities a week and a play date at home were plenty, anything in addition to that just comprised to taking her for a walk in her stroller. By the time she started pre-school 3 mornings a week at around 13mths old we kept t that schedule and now that she goes 5 mornings a week we have 3 afternoons that we fill with organised activities. I'm trying to do something similar for Sebastien too now that he is 10mths old

So where can you send them for organised activities.

My Gym, Kids Gallery and Gymbree are my favourite. But there is also Panda and many more.

So what do they provide.

Gymboree has different activities that include the below:

- GymCore (these are the sessions in the main padded room, themed each week and tailored to different age groups. There is circle time with song, exploration time around the room based on the theme of the day, there is parachute time (the kids get under the parachute or sit over it and sing songs) and there is bubble time, and off course Gymbo the clown is always around for a cuddle.
- Gymboree Art - this is great for kids to learn different colours and textures, they create art using all sorts of things like brushes, sponges, fabric, sequins you name it. Lots of fun
- Gymboree Music - all about learning rhythm using different fun instruments, and singing songs

I found that GymCore was great from 6mth to 18mths, after that 'parachute time' and 'bubble time' weren't so exciting anymore and My Gym was MUCH better for an active toddler.

Gymboree Art is great for toddlers and Gymboree Music is again great for ALL ages.

My Gym is brilliant for toddler, its a large safe room with all sorts of gymnasium activities like swings, bars, trampolines and s much more, they also have circle time, themes to follow for the day. They do however have the longest waiting list so best to sign up well in advance.

Kids Gallery is great for toddlers too, again they provide a variety of arts and crafts classes but we love the Ballet there and it's one of the few places that has ballet for under 2's. They go accompanied at first and after 2 they can go on their own to class.

I don't know PANDA well so if anyone would like to comment please do so.

details for the gyms are below

31st Floor, Universal Trade Centre, 3 Arbuthnot Road Central HK
+852 2899 2210

My Gym
17th Floor. Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Central

Kids Gallery
21/F Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Central
+852 2501 4842

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